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1. Overview
Take advantage of CSP system by taking use of solar-thermal-electric conversion process,the solar thermal power system is easy to combine with steam turbine based conventional energy power plant for hybrid power generation, which will enhance the utilization efficiency of conventional energy by reducing the conventional energy consumption and increasing generation capacity.

2.Solar- Hybrid Power Plant
For the coal-fired boilers, solar-generated steam can be used to heat the feeding water, be in parallel with the boiler evaporation segment, or be in parallel with regenerative system.
The application of solar-coal hybrid power generation can save the investment for turbine-generator unit to improve the economics of solar power generation. Meanwhile, it can help the conventional coal-fired power plant to save the coal consumption, increase generating capacity, and reduce the carbon emissions, which has obvious economic and social benefits.

3.Solar-Biomass Hybrid Power Plant
For the solar-biomass hybrid power generation, the biomass boiler can be used as the stand-by boiler for the DSG CSP system to realize stable power generation. Or the solar system can be used to produce saturated steam, which is to be superheated by the biomass boiler. Moreover, the solar system and biomass system can be connected in parallel, which will use the solar energy when the sunshine is plentiful and use the biomass energy during cloudy day and night, thus to achieve continuous and stable power generation.

4.Solar-Gas-Steam Combined Cycle Power Generation
The hybrid power generation combining the solar system with the gas-steam combined cycle unit mainly uses the solar energy to produce steam directly, which enters the heat recovery boiler thermal system of the combined cycle unit. It will increase the output power of the steam turbine and the electricity output. The solar-gas-steam combined cycle power generation unit has the advantages of stable and controllable power, high energy utilization efficiency and easy implementation.


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