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Due to the wide temperature rang of molten salt in liquid state, the strong heat-carrier capacity and low requirements on pressure-bearing of equipment, in integrates the function of the heat-exchange fluid and the heat-storage fluid.
Meanwhile, with molten salt as the heat-exchange fluid, the steam parameters can be increased and thus the generating efficiency of the system will be improved, the heat-exchange process will be simplified and energy loss will be reduced. So high-capacity thermal storage as well as continuous and stable large-scale generation will be easily achieved.


3.Operating Mode
Mode 1:Charging mode. The receiver and thermal energy storage system in operation, and the turbine unit stops.
Mode 2:Charging and power generation mode. All the receiver, thermal energy storage, steam generator, and turbine in operation.
Mode 3:Power generation mode. Only the steam generator and turbine in operation, the receiver stops.
Mode 4: Other auxiliary mode, such as molten salt pipeline and equipment heating mode, etc.

4.Application and Condition
Application: Large-scale and long storage time power generation
Condition: DNI≥ 1600kW.h/m2/yr, traffic, transportation, environment, power network distance, etc.

5.Typical case


                                                              Table 1 Typical Molten Salt CSP Plant

                                                    Table 2 Reference Value of Typical Molten Salt CSP Station


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