For generating with water as the heat-carrier fluid, there are the advantages of mature technology, easy process, and low investment and operation costs and so on. But, the cost of larger-scale steam thermal energy storage is high. Meanwhile, steam thermal energy storage tanks are adopted or with natural gas through a process referred to as hybridization, are able to further increase output and reliability.



3.Operating Mode

Mode 1:Charging mode. The receiver and thermal energy storage system in operation, and the turbine unit stops.
Mode 2:Charging and power generation mode. All the receiver, thermal energy storage, steam generator, and turbine in operation.
Mode 3:Power generation mode. Only the steam generator and turbine in operation, the receiver stops.

4.Application and Condition

Application: Daytime power generation or short storage time power generation
Condition: DNI≥ 1600kW.h/m2/yr, traffic, transportation, environment, power network distance, etc.

5.Typical case




                                                                     Table 3 Typical Water Medium CSP Plant



                                                          Table 4 Reference Value of Typical Water Medium CSP Station


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