SUPCON SOLAR chooses the international mainstream of CSP tower technology as the technical route, combined with our own advantages and successfully develops CSP tower system with technical characteristics based on high-precision intelligent heliostat and high temperature molten salt thermal storage technology.

1. High-precision Intelligent Heliostat
The high-precision intelligent heliostat with small size (2-20m2) designed by SUPCON SOLAR has the following advantages:

●  The independent tracking trace for each heliostat and intelligent self-calibration system can realize high acccuracy  smart tracking.

●  The heliostat has high mechanical strength,strong adaptability to environment,and can operate flexibly and stably.

●  Heliostat design can reduce manufacturing and assembling difficulties ,which is suitable for large-scale production.

●  Company layout of solar fieldand better land utilization.


2. High Efficiency and Long Service Life Thermal Receiver
For different projects, Supcon Solar can provide water medium receiver or molten salt thermal receiver respectively.
Water medium receiver is suitable for the field with no needs in high requirement steam parameters and large-scale storage, such as solar-coal hybrid power generation, solar thermal (cold) cogeneration, solar steam supplying, etc.. This system is relatively simple, and the cost is lower.
And molten salt thermal receiver is suitable for the large scale thermal energy storage,and can be realized constant, stable electricity and heating, etc.. The characteristics are that it can provide high quality and adjustable electricity.
Based on technical accumulation of the thermal system and equipment, Supcon Solar has mastered design and manufacture technology of water medium receiver and molten salt thermal receiver successfully. The water medium receiver has been applied in the large scale CSP plant, and the operation is stable. The molten salt thermal receiver has been running for a long time in the test platform of Supcon Solar, and its function and service time are verified.


3.  High Temperature Molten Salt Thermal Energy Storage Technology
Thermal energy storage system is an important guarantee for continuous and stable power generation and can effectively improve the efficiency of the power plant by extending generation time.
SUPCON SOLAR chooses high temperature binary molten salt as thermal energy storage medium and provide safe and efficient molten salt thermal energy storage solution for CSP plant.
●  High-security design package of molten salt thermal energy storage system, including integrated technological process of thermal
    energy collection, storage and exchange, self-developed cloud prediction system, anti-clotting and over temperature protection 
    technologies, overall energy scheduling strategy of solar field, and protection strategy in emergency cases, etc.
●  High-reliability core equipment of molten salt thermal energy storage system, including thermal receiver, thermal exchanger, thermal
    storage tank, pump and instrumentation valves. The equipment can resist high temperature, corrosion and frequent thermal shock,
    and have the functions of self-test and self-protection.


4.  Environmental Adaptability Design
The regions with rich solar energy in China have the common problems of windy, cold winters and harsh environment. So the environmental adaptability design of CSP system is very necessary.
●  Windproof design: The heliostat can work steadily in level-7 wind speed and not be broken in level-12 wind speed.
●  Anti-freeze design:Hydrophobic (salt) structure design of the receiver, the selection of the receiver material for resistant to frequent
    temperature changes between high and low, insulation technology of thermal pipelines and instrumentation valves, anti-freeze and
    lubrication system design of heliostat.
●  Other environmental adaptability design: integral seal of the transmission components, UV and aging resistance for the exposed
    parts of material, surface preservative treatment for the exposed parts.

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