SUPCON SOLAR CSP Tower Generation System includes Solar Field, Thermal Island and Power Island. The core equipment are intelligent heliostat, heliostats field control system, thermal receiver system, thermal energy storage system, and automatic cleaning system unification, cloud detection system which can optimize the operation.

1. Intelligent Heliostat
In tower systems, a field of heliostats track the position of the sun, each heliostat with double axis and reflect the solar radiation to concentrate it in the upper part of a tower.
SUPCON SOLAR can provide intelligent heliostat which reflective area from 2m2 to 20m2 to adapt the personalized needs of different projects.

2.Heliostats Field Control System
●  Cooperative control of tens of thousands of heliostats
●  Cooperative control of thermal receiver,thermal energy storage,heat exchange and power generation
●  Fast synchronous respond with emergency
●  Distributed control network with high reliability
3.Thermal Receiver System
The system includes the thermal receiver and related auxiliary equipment. The main features of high performance receiver from SUPCON SOLAR, including:
●  Optimized material selection with resistance capability to high temperature, frequent thermal shock, corrosion and high energy flux
    density.Adopting special absorbing coating and enhancing heat transfer of tube to improve solar-thermal conversion efficiency.
●  Over-temperature prevention coping strategy: real-time monitoring of energy flux density on the receiver surface, solar field energy  
automatic dispatch, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
●  Thermal shock prevention coping strategy: optimized structure design, cloud prediction system, automatic preheating operation, etc.
●  Security protection strategy: power-off protection, overcooling and overheating treatment, abnormal spot protection

4. Thermal Energy Storage System
The thermal energy storage system can store heat and release it when required to produce high temperature and pressure steam drive the steam turbine for power generation, thus ensuring the stable and dispatchable electricity output.
SUPCON SOLAR can provide different thermal energy storage technologies and solutions.
●  For the energy-storage CSP plant, SUPCON SOLAR provides high temperature molten salt thermal energy storage technology, it will
     be able to customize different thermal energy storage duration and stable power generation.
●  For the DSG (Direct Steam Generation) CSP plant, SUPCON SOLAR provides the steam storage technology for short-time thermal 
     energy storage to achieve relatively stable power generation.

5. Automatic Cleaning System
In order to ensure the efficiency of CSP generation system, heliostats need regular cleaning, and for large-scale commercial CSP plant, cleaning workload is very large. Therefore, SUPCON developed intelligent cleaning robot, in order to achieve rapid, efficient cleaning. At the same time, for the characteristics of cold winter in the northwest of China, intelligent cleaning robot can provide two different cleaning methods, one is water washing, another is dry cleaning .

6. Cloud Detection System

In order to ensure the stability of the power output,and to avoid the energy changing of the Receiver because of interference of the cloud, SUPCON SOLAR developed a cloud detection system, it can calculate the cloud cover condition of heliostats field in a period time, which will provide operational reference for power plant operation.


SUPCON SOLAR is able to provide turn-key CSP tower solution with all core equipment, including heliostats field, thermal receiver, thermal storage system, and turbine-generator unit.


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