ZHEJIANG SUPCON SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. (SUPCON SOLAR in short) focuses on research and application promotion of CSP technology, and aims to provide reliable and low-cost green clean alternative energy for human society through advanced and efficient CSP technology.

A leading supplier of CSP technologies.
SUPCON SOLAR has developed the core technologies of high accuracy solar field control, high efficiency solar-thermal conversion, thermal energy storage, and CSP system integration, all supported by a series of invention patents.

An excellent supplier of CSP key equipments.
Through cooperation with leading key equipment manufacturers in power industry, SUPCON SOLAR can provide complete key equipments for CSP plant, including intelligent heliostats, heliostats field control system, thermal receiver, thermal storage system, steam generator, and steam turbine.

A successful engineering firm for CSP projects.
As the only Chinese company with successful experience in commercialized CSP plant construction, SUPCON SOLAR can offer mature solution for different CSP plant, DSG or molten salt, capacity from 10MW up to 100+MW. Our turn-key service includes project consulting, engineering design, equipments procurement, project construction, and commissioning.

A professional CSP plant operator.
With deep understanding on CSP process, SUPCON SOLAR can provide operation and maintenance service for CSP plant, to help the plant owner reduce operation risk, and increase investment return.

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