Delingha 50MW CSP Project
● Installed Capacity:50MW
● Storage:6 hours by molten salt
● Receiver Tower Height: 180m
● Land Size: 240 ha
● Reflector Area: 490,000 m2
● Heliostat Size: 20m2
● Steam Temperature: 535.0℃
● Steam Pressure:  13.2MPa
● Annual Electricity Output: 136,000 MWh
● Statues: To be commissioned in 2018

Delingha 10MW CSP Project (Molten Salt)
● Installed Capacity:10MW
● Storage:2 hours by molten salt
● Receiver Tower Height: 92m
● Heliostat Size: 20m2 / 2m2
● Steam Temperature: 510.0℃
● Steam Pressure:  8.83MPa
● Statues: Under commissioning

Delingha 10MW CSP Project (DSG)
● Installed Capacity:10MW
● Storage:30 minutes by saturated steam
● Receiver Tower Height: 80m
● Heliostat Size: 2m2
● Statues: Commissioned in July 2013

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