Leaders from National Energy Administration Visit SUPCON CSP Power Plant
Date:2015-8-1 21:09:15

Release time:2015-08-1
July 30, a delegation headed by Liu Qi, Deputy Director of NEA (National Energy Administration) visited SUPCON CSP power plant in Delingha, Qinghai Province, and deployed the next phase's key tasks for CSP industry.
This is the first time such high level officials made an on-site visit to CSP demonstration projects in China, and the first publicity claiming support to CSP industry.
After visiting, the delegation held a symposium which continued till 8pm. The attendees include representatives from the local government, national power grid companies, SUPCON, and other energy enterprises; they made reports regarding CSP issues, especially projects terms.
“What SUPCON is doing this minute is a most important event in China’s solar thermal history”, said by Liu in his speech after the reports.
Liu highly appreciated the active explore and technical achievements of SUPCON for the national energy transformation and China’s first commercial CSP project - SUPCON CSP power plant.
“CSP is able to make a great contribution to China’s energy mix transformation. It is friendly to the grid. I hope CSP will occupy a bigger and bigger proportion in energy mix. Besides, CSP development matches quite well with China Western Development”, Liu said.


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